Frequently Asked Questions

How can I try Lean GUI?

Drop us a line, and we will gladly set you up with a trial account. At this point, we do not offer automated provisioning and instead need to work with you directly on implementation.

Where is our data stored?

We store all content in dedicated database clusters — each client gets their own! The application is using a client-specific configuration to access data.

Can Lean GUI run on our private cloud?

We usually host the application, but we can discuss and help with your custom integration.

Can we store the data on our servers?

Absolutely! We can provide you with database provisioning instructions and then use that in the Lean GUI configuration.

Is our information secure?

We store all client data in isolated and independent database clusters. Each cluster lives in a unique AWS VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) with dedicated firewalls. All network traffic is encrypted end-to-end using TLS (Transport Layer Security).

What do I need to provide to Lean GUI?

We need API access to your Salesforce Marketing Cloud instance. At this point, we only require read-only access so we can retrieve your Content Builder content. If you’d like to store the data on your end, we will also need database credentials.